Drighlington Bicycle Club

Constitution and Rules

Updated and approved by Club Members' at the January 2016 meeting


The Club

1. This club shall be known as DRIGHLINGTON BICYLE CLUB, hereinafter called “the Club”, and

its purpose shall be to foster and encourage the sport and pastime of cycling.

2. The Club shall be affiliated to British Cycling (BC), Cycling Time Trials (CTT), Yorkshire Cycling

Federation (YCF) and any other appropriate organisation.

3. The management of the Club shall be vested in the hands of its Officials who shall be:

President (who shall be Chairman), Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, Racing

Secretary, delegates to appropriate bodies, and three timekeepers.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

4. All officials shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. If any vacancy arises during the

year it may be filled at any other meeting.

5. In addition the Club shall elect other officials as follows to act as Auditors, Publicity Officer,

Welfare Officer, Website Administrator, Kit Man, and Social Secretary.

6. No official shall hold more than two executive positions.

7. All members shall receive an Agenda and Balance Sheet at least 7 days before the Annual

General Meeting. Any proposed additions or amendments to the Club Constitution or Rules

shall be made prior to the publication of, and shown on, the Agenda.

8. A meeting may forthwith replace any official or dismiss a member judged guilty of wilful

breach or negligence considered to bring the Club or cycling into disrepute.

9. No new rule shall be made or existing rule altered or rescinded without the presence of

two thirds of the members and voting at the Annual General Meetings. Should a rule need

looking at before the AGM then an Extraordinary General Meeting will replace the next

General Meeting for the matter to be addressed.

10. A separate book shall be kept by the President for the purpose of recording all Articles of

Constitution, Rules and Regulations and any additions, or alternations.

11. All official’s badges (president, secretary and race secretary) shall be the property of the



Monthly Meetings

12. A meeting shall be held on the first Monday in every month, or the nearest agreed date

when that day is unavailable.

13. All members will normally receive an Agenda and any papers 7 days before the meeting.

Items will usually be agreed by the Chairman and Secretary. Members can ask for any item

to be added to the agenda or raise an issue on the night under Any Other Business (AOB).

Any special presentations to the meeting will need to have prior approval of the Chairman

or Secretary. Minutes to be published within a week of the meeting on the Club’s website.

14. Any issues that need action and voting on can be done so at any meeting. Decisions will be

taken by a simple show of hands (in favour and against). The Chairman holding a casting

vote if required. Any major issues arising will be voted on at the following meeting with the

matter in hand stated in the agenda.


New Members

15. Anyone wishing to join the Club shall be allowed three free runs after which they will be

required to complete a membership application form. This should be handed to any official

with the correct fee. Annual subscriptions shall be determined at the AGM, and shall be for

seniors (above 17 years of age), juniors, second claim members, and social members (not

riding). Subscriptions will become due on election to membership and at the AGM each

year. Anyone in arrears at 31 December will cease to be a member and may only re-join at

the Club’s discretion.

16. Persons under the age of 16 may only be accepted as a member if they can be

accompanied on Club runs by a Parent or agreed Guardian.


Annual Subscriptions

17. A subscription rebate will be given on the first annual renewal to members who have

recently joined the Club, on the following basis; a 50% rebate where they have joined

within in the last 3 months, and a 30% rebate where they have joined in the last 6 months.


Member’s Responsibilities

18. All members shall have third party insurance (preferably via British Cycling or the Cyclists

Touring Club), except that anyone who intends to be a non-riding member may pay half the

Club subscription only and be regarded as a Social Member after being accepted on this


19. All members should endeavour to marshal at least one of the Club’s open events each year.

For this they will be entitled to a discount on their meal ticket at the annual Club dinner in

the following January (25% discount for one event marshalled and 50% discount for two

events marshalled). Should the Club require more marshals and a Club member brings

family members to marshal they will also receive the above discounts should they attend

the Club dinner.

20. All members should endeavour to purchase and wear the Club’s official clothing on Club

runs and in official events. The Club will subsidise the cost of clothing purchased through

the official process by 20% (effectively the VAT) up to a maximum order of £150 per

individual member. This will apply to all new members in their first year and existing

members who have marshalled or organised at least one Club event in the previous year.

21. All new members shall receive a copy of the Information Pack, which shall include a copy of

the Club Constitution and Rules, and they are to provide contact information (such as

address, telephone numbers, e-mail etc) which shall be kept in confidence by the Secretary.

Members are responsible for advising the Secretary of any changes to their contact



Club Runs

22. All runs start prompt from Drighlington Cross Roads at times to be agreed at the monthly


23. All accidents or significant incidents on Club runs to be brought before the following




24. All trials, rides and other operations shall be timed by one or more of the official

timekeepers and be carried out in strict conformity with the highest standard of current


25. A Reliability Ride shall be available to male members over a distance of 150 miles, female

members 120 miles to be completed in under 12 hours. Other Reliability Rides will be as

follows (Post Office to Post Office, or other agreed central point if not practical)

Doncaster and back (60 miles) Men 4 hours 12 minutes Ladies 4 hours 48 minutes

York and back (80 miles) Men 5 hours 36 minutes Ladies 6 hours 24 minutes

Retford and back (100 miles) Men 7 hours Ladies 8 hours



26. Certificate will be awarded to all those successfully completing a Reliability Ride within the

given time allowance.

27. Certificates will be awarded to members breaking Club competition records, individual and


28. In the case of a tie for an award in a Club event, each rider will receive the appropriate

award. If a rider wins more than one award in a Club event one award will be made

bearing record of each performance.

29. All open and Club time trial events will count in the Club Best All-Rounder (BAR) Contests.

30. All competitions will be for first claim members only and no member may compete in any

event unless fully paid up.

31. The Club ‘Best all Rounder’ competitions are the Short Distance Bar (2@10miles,

2@25miles, 2@50miles) and the Long Distance Bar (over 50miles, 100miles & 12 hours).

The Junior BAR will be over 2 @ 25 miles and 2 @10 miles. All are based on average speed.

32. Awards for both men and ladies time trial events will be as follows:

1 – 3 entries 1 handicap

4 – 7 entries 1 handicap and fastest Hill Club, fastest

8 – 11 entries 2 handicaps and fastest and 2nd fastest

Over 11 entries 3 handicaps and fastest

33.Awards for both men and ladies Hill Climb event will be fastest and 2nd fastest.

34. The Club Shield shall be known as the J. W. Coulson Memorial Trophy in memory of a past


35. An award shall be presented at the Annual Prize Presentation for the Most Improved Club

member. This award shall be voted on and decided by fellow club members.


Accounts and Audit

36. The accounts shall be audited annually by two auditors selected at the Annual General

Meeting and a certified copy shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

37. The auditors shall be non-executive officials.

38. The funds shall be kept at the Waterhouse Street, Halifax branch of the Yorkshire Bank,

except such portion as is required for current use. The cashbook of the Treasurer may be

examined by any member at any reasonable time at the place where they are kept.

39. All event organisers shall present a cash account, with receipts, to the Treasurer within 1

month of the event.

40.The accounting year shall be 1st November to 31st October.


Updated January 2016 and approved at the February Club Meeting


Club Rules